We are located just two minutes from Meitetsu Station, letting you enjoy unbeatable access while relaxing in comfort.
A restaurant area is within five minutes from the hotel, making this the perfect location for business and leisure.
Enjoy your stay.

Single and twin rooms are outfitted in clean wooden flooring.
Relax in quiet and comfort, just as though you were at home.
All rooms fully equipped with wired Internet access and Wi-Fi. Toilet with washlet/bidet function.
Our duvet-style beds give you ample room to stretch out.
All rooms come with memory foam pillows.

Breakfast is served buffet-style.
Start your day right with a good breakfast! Get the energy you need to face the day with a good meal.
Our hotel is also fully furnished with restaurant and banquet room facilities.



Single and twin rooms are outfitted in clean wooden flooring.
Relax in quiet and comfort, just as though you were at home.
Our duvet-style beds give you ample room to stretch out.
All rooms come with memory foam pillows.

  • ■ Single room ideal for business travelers or solo trips
  • ■ Twin room ideal for couples and friends
  • ■ Japanese-style room ideal for families and groups
  • ■ Add a bit of luxury to your trip with the deluxe room

Our guest rooms are both functional and unique.

【Standard single room】

Size: 13-16㎡ Bed size: 120㎝
Take off your shoes before stepping up to the wooden floor and enjoy a clean and relaxing environment.

【Semi-double room】

Size: 16㎡ Bed size: 140㎝
Take off your shoes before stepping up to the wooden floor and enjoy a clean and relaxing environment.

【Standard twin room】

Size: 22㎡ Bed size: 115㎝ (two beds)
Take off your shoes before stepping up to the wooden floor and enjoy a clean and relaxing environment.

【Deluxe double room】

Size: 26㎡ Bed size: 185㎝
This luxury room has a spacious bed that will fit two occupants.

【Deluxe twin room】

Size: 32㎡ Bed size: 120㎝
This luxury room lets you stretch out and relax in spacious comfort.

【Maisonette deluxe room】

Size: 46-57㎡ Bed size: 120㎝
The two-floor layout is part of the charm of this deluxe room.

【Japanese-style room】

Size: 50-67㎡ No bed furniture; futons on floor; sleeps 1-6 people
Enjoy Japanese-style hospitality, where you sleep on soft futons laid out on the floor.


Our buffet-style breakfast lets you choose items you like from among a spread of Japanese and Western food.
Offerings include traditional Japanese breakfast items, fresh salads, bread, and more.

  • ■ Breakfast served from 6:30 AM--9:30 AM (9:00 L.O.)
  • ■ Monte Restaurant, 1st Floor
  • ■ Buffet-style / Salad / Japanese food (stewed items, etc.) / Western food (eggs, sausages, bread, etc.)



All rooms fully equipped with wired Internet access and Wi-Fi. Toilet with washlet/bidet function.

  • ■ 40’’ HD TV (on-demand programming: 1,000 JPY/day)
  • ■ Check-in time: 3:00 PM Check-out time: 10:00 AM
  • ■ 2 minutes’ walk from Meitetsu Station
  • ■ Non-smoking rooms available
  • ■ Coin-operated laundry available
  • ■ Convenience stores located within 5 minutes’ walk
  • ■ Defibrillator on premises
  • ■ Amenities
    Toothbrushes, razors, body sponges, towels, bath towels,cotton swabs, refrigerator, hair dryer, electric kettle, lounge clothes, shampoo, conditioner, body soap

【Monte Restaurant】

A casual restaurant revolving around Western cuisine.
Our comfortable restaurant draws from local cuisine to provide a healthy breakfast. The hearty lunch buffet menu is periodically changed and offers something for everyone, including youngsters and grandpa and grandma! The restaurant is also available for parties (groups) who wish to reserve it for dinner (reservation required).

  • ■ 36 seats, 1st floor
  • ■ Breakfast buffet: 6:30 AM--9:30 AM 9:00 L.O. (non-guests: 1,300 JPY; guests: 1,210 JPY)
  • ■ Lunch buffet: 11:00 AM--2:00 PM (1,210 JPY)
  • ■ For reservations call: 058-212-3301

【Kawamura Seasonal Japanese Cuisine】

Enjoy the flavors of the seasons, prepared Japanese style.
We select the finest and freshest seafood and vegetables and present you with Japanese dining in a subdued setting. We also carry a range of shochu alcohols and chilled sake.
Make this the place for entertaining clients or that special someone.

  • ■ 1st floor basement tables and private seating
  • ■ Hours 11:30 AM--2:00 PM (1:30 PM L.O.); opens for dinner at 5:00 PM (9:00 PM L.O.)
  • ■ For reservations, call 058-264-0918

【Dining Teppen】

A multi-purpose hall. Enjoy meetings, receptions (wedding receptions, et cetera) with 180-degree panoramic views of the outside. By reservation only We can provide a range of cuisine for your guests, from Chinese to pasta dishes.

  • ■ 100 seats, 10th floor
  • ■ Hours: from 5:00 PM
  • ■ For reservations, call: 058-265-6996
  • ■ 1:30 PM L.O.
  • ■ Advance reservation required
  • ■ Exclusively for group guests


















【Conference rooms and Western reception hall】

■ Suehiro-no-Ma convention hall
This 323㎡ multi-purpose hall can even be used for trade fairs and exhibits. The room can also be partitioned into three spaces to accommodate a range of uses. The entire hall can be used and allows for occupancy of 200 people. Ideal for meetings, lectures, presentations, conferences, get-togethers, parties, and more.

【Japanese banquet halls】

■ Hatsune-no-Ma and Hakuun-no-Ma
A refined and elegant space rich with traditional Japanese appointments. The perfect place to entertain important guests. Hakuun-no-Ma (70 tatami mats) has occupancy for 80 people and can be partitioned into three rooms depending on your needs.



【Gifu Castle】

This symbol of Gifu Prefecture sits atop the peaks of Mt. Kinga. It is said that the Nikaido clan constructed this castle in the Kamakura period as a stronghold.
During Japan’s Warring States period, figures like Tozan Saito and Oda Nobunaga ruled the castle.In 1600, the castle fell following a skirmish at the battle of Sekigahara. The current castle was reconstructed in 1956; in 1997, it underwent major renovations.From summer through fall, the castle is open to the public at night, letting you see panoramic views of the city.

■ Access
15 minutes by bus from Meitetsu Gifu Station
Disembark at Gifu Koen History Museum -> 3 minutes’ walk -> ride Mt. Kinga Ropeway -> 8 minutes’ walk

【Traditional cormorant fishing】

Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River has a history stretching over 1,300 years. It is a signature sight of summer to see the boats out.Cormorant trainers dressed in traditional garb, with their mastery over the cormorant, guide the bird to catch sweetfish. Onlookers will be amazed at this otherworldly site.

■ Held from:
May 11--October 15
Note that on days of the harvest moon and higher water levels, event is suspended.
■ Access
Ride bus from Meitetsu Gifu Station to Nagarabashi (15 minutes)

【Inaba Shrine】

This shrine is held to have been built in the fourteenth year of Emperor Keiko’s rule and has over 1,900 years of history. The Gifu Matsuri festival is held on the first Saturday of April, with portable shrines and floats paraded around the city.
The shrine environs are home to the solemn appearance of a large gate, worship hall, and main hall, but the space becomes quite lively and beautiful around the Gifu Matsuri, when several hundred cherry trees burst into bloom and the shrine is thronged with people.On New Year’s morning, long lines form as early as midnight, as this is a hugely popular shrine to pay one’s respects to. It has the most New Year’s visitors of any shrine in Gifu.

【Acqua Totto Gifu World Fresh Water Aquarium】

Acqua Totto was built to foster interaction within the community and serve as a place for visitors to learn about the environment in a practical fashion. It lets everyone from children to adults learn about Gifu’s natural environs and its rivers. In addition to being a place of learning, it is a relaxing place to visit.
Exhibits encompass the Nagara River and rivers of the world, with models of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and birds one would find in the environs being reproduced in fine detail.From the headwaters of the Kiso and Nagara Rivers to their estuaries, the world’s saltwater fish are described in detail, with exhibits that closely replicate those natural environments.This is the world’s largest aquarium dedicated to freshwater fish. It has one of the world’s finest exhibits on freshwater aquatic life, with visitors coming from within Japan and overseas.The aquarium and the surrounding river area is considered the world’s premier river and aquatic learning zone.The facility is fully wheelchair-accessible, letting all guests enjoy the exhibits with ease.

■ Hours
Weekdays from 9:30 AM--5:00 PM (doors close at 4:00 PM)
Weekends and holidays from 9:30 AM--6:00 PM (doors close at 5:00 PM)
■ Access
Immediately adjacent to the Gifu/Kawashima Highway Oasis parking area
30 minutes by car from downtown Nagoya
Accessible from highway and local roads

【Kagamigahara Aerospace Science Museum】

This museum is dedicated to showcasing Kagamigahara’s contributions to the aerospace industry and flight experiments.In addition to collecting literature from pre- and post-war Japan, it focuses on exhibits showcasing how the area contributed to Japan’s aerospace industry, such as through test craft.The museum broadcasts to the public Japan’s successes in aviation both at the national and private sector level, with exhibits intuitively depicting the history of aeronautics and aerospace in the country.
On Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during summer, the museum also hosts craft workshops, classes, and hands-on events.

■ Hours
9:30 AM--4:30 PM (doors close at 4:00 PM)
Every Tuesday, and year end/New Year (12/28--1/2)
Note: effective September 26, 2016, the space will be undergoing construction for a renovation and be temporarily closed. The space is slated to reopen in March 2018.



【Hotel parking】

■ 1,000 JPY/night (3:00 PM--10:00 AM) *for consecutive-night stays,
■ 500JPY/night starting on second night

【By car】


20minutes from the Gifu Kakamigahara Interchange on the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway.

【If you are arriving from the airport】


70 minutes from Chubu International Airport to Meitetsu Gifu Station on the Nagoya Meitetsu Railroad (rapid limited express).
2minute walk from Meitetsu Gifu Station.
23 minutes by High-speed bus from Nagoya Airport.
18 minutes from JR Nagoya Station to JR Gifu Station on the rapid train.
7minute walk from JR Gifu Station.

【Access map】

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